How To Ground Your Adolescent

Sometimes parents get frustrated with their adolescents when they violate basic family rules (e.g., curfews), and grounding them becomes a natural reaction. Grounding can be an effective disciplinary technique if it is applied at the right time, in the right circumstances, and for the right length of time. But if not, it can really drive a wedge between moms and dads and adolescents. Particularly with adolescents, it is often the case that interaction with their peer-group is a strong priority. As they mature, it is a natural course of events for them to branch out from family and familiar faces and connect with friends their own age. After all, we do hope they grow up and move out at some point. Gradually connecting more and more with those outside the family is an important part of that transition to adulthood and independence. As moms and dads, we intuitively know that these relationships are important to our adolescents, so when we are ready to impose discipline, taking